Nelson Mandela an inspiration for the world….

What a hero, an inspiration, a strong being….through it all he still found his heart to forgive and create a life….sharing and inspiring others with love. So much still to learn from this being. May his sweet soul forever rest in peace! I crave this type of education, I am so delighted that my son is learning all about South Africa, the perils that black people went through and still go through! But the importance of all this education, is that no matter what RISE ABOVE IT ALL! Stand strong and tall, because as a human being…you have every right to be! Don’t be or play a victim…the power lies deep in your heart. Be forgiving and understanding and loving. You get more strength from letting go and setting your soul free, free to LOVE ❤️❤️❤️ but remember you will find more obstacles when you become free…just remember that strength that set you free in the first place #nelsonmandela #great-man #inspiration #learnfrom him #greatest #love #peace #freedom #realman #trueafricanman #notjustwithwords #leadbyexample #courage #forgiveness #love


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