I am not desperate for a “man”….

I just woke up and yet again I am faced with many images. Sad images of desperation…. So many people live their lives for others to validate, love and accept them. You can actually find those things through your very own self I say to myself…. I don’t really see much substance these days! I just see a bunch of people desperately trying to be accepted by others. 

A relationship status doesn’t make me special. I actually put my hand up now and say I don’t even have the energy for that. I have quite a few special relationships going on right now. I can’t sacrifice those just for a “man”

My children need me so much and I know as God told me, the time will come my Rebecca. In the meantime don’t be desperate. Just enjoy and be thankful for your life. 

I just pray that other strong women out there, don’t waste all the energy trying to get a man to love them. You end up losing your strength. Just wait patiently on God, besides all our destinies are planned differently. Just #livelovelaugh in the meantime ✌🏾️


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