Stop making excuses….

Instead own it and at least apologise!

You don’t see how wrong you have been. It is heart wrenching….overwhelming to know that you only make excuses for all the pain you caused so many, generations later …

Apology accepted easily, when we feel and know that you meant it… but instead you just make excuses and get all defensive.

The truth is, it is what it is and indeed “the sins of the fathers, surely lives long after them”.

I don’t personally expect your apology, or recognition, or acceptance. I never have and never will….however there are many people still caught up in the drama….

As for me and mine, life is too short! I haven’t allowed any drama to come steal mine….

I make a difference by showing you that I don’t need your validation! I don’t need your apology! Because I completely belong to GOD 🙏🏾


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