Dissecting Friendships….

It’s been like a week of serious analysing! 

Analysing the types of relationships I have with most people that I call friends!

The length in which I have known everybody, varied and it really isn’t just about the amount of time, it’s about the quality of the time. 

I see myself growing and moving along, learning from my mistakes and trying my best to always persevere positively….But then I get to stop and analyse! 

I have to be realistic with myself, not everybody is happy…especially when they are at their own crossroad and can’t see or appreciate another’s growth! 

I don’t need to be appreciated or validated by others, but so-called friends are expected to also bring positivity to the table! 

I have decided that the best course of action, is to solely focus on my own life, growth and most especially LOVE. I am not going to give my time or my heart any longer. I have chosen to simply face forward and leave all those toxic friendships behind. 

Maybe I have changed, maybe I am growing…but I am still REBECCA! I know who I am about and what I bring, and so it shall be. 

My friendship motto shall be:- We should give and take equally as friends, otherwise we have no future! 


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