Recklessly Peaceful…

  Better to be free, free from the grips of despair…even if very small. One must be able to fly freely. The feeling at the moment is to be free indeed…

I have been contemplating as I always do…

My mind full of new revelations… I am not that surprised but I am really amazed by my strength,

Most especially my growth, the mature way I look at it all. 

The best thing is to write it down. Somehow pour it out, don’t do it the way you used to… “Note to self” I must be free…

Free from the clutches of what used to seem like normal, but now I see it wasn’t so normal? Now it really feels and looks abnormal. So I feel like I was always making that effort. Effort with plenty of love. Love always prevails! 

And now I finally choose to be free, I don’t want to be griped any longer. So let us not be reckless, but peaceful…


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