Cycle needs breaking…

We are lost, extremely lost! 

We must find a way back, and how do we do this? 

I think we must look to our souls first, that’s if we know where we last left it! 

It is so obvious, yet so politically correct to just follow. I don’t see it like so…I see my time as limited, but I don’t want to limit myself to what I must do. 

Use what I have, my strength, knowledge, wisdom…share but keep it real… 

I want to dive into it, but I am still quite apprehensive…rather anxious. 

A time shall come, where I have a platform. A place where I can dive in, not intending to hurt…

My only intention is that I share, say it exactly how it should be said.  Empower you, encourage you, help you see your beauty! 

Personally I don’t like to follow any bandwagon, I like to be in my own wagon…my lane! I am most definitely at a time to lead…

We live in a world, so superficial and so deluded, I see a collective of souls, needing someone to reach out to them…and here I come!

What’s the point of having all that Inside and just keeping it all to myself? 

I don’t want to keep it…I don’t want you lost, I want you found! 

Watch this space…

Controversial subjects I shall be diving into in the coming weeks…


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