It’s all in the bag…

  I love this quote on Tesco’s bag… “It’s what’s inside that counts”
Oh yes indeed it is! I completely agree, that’s it’s definitely all about what you have inside, not what outside projects! Substance is of the essence, no matter what! 

Personally I thrive on substance, most especially since having my beautiful children. Right from the beginning 7 years ago, all I could and still do, is to give them quality love, no matter the circumstances. 

It is absolutely even more important to me 7 years down the line, to carry on more so with those around me…I only want substance, quality, realness. It’s so important to be surrounded by such, otherwise time is wasted. 

When you learn something new, you change anew and please try not to look back. Just carry on but with ample substance…

At present moment, such a frame of mind, surpasses all that isn’t glowing straight from the inside. 

Dig deep!! That bag has more inside, more than you could ever imagine🙏🏾


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