2016…Survivor not Victim!

So much growth! It’s been like a roller coaster ever since like 10 years ago…

I am now with my own eyes seeing my own growth and the strength…

This is completely refreshing! I am so in a good place. 

I mean it is indeed so well with my soul now. 

I actually understand what it means to be in completion with yourself. The way in which I am handling obstacles actually amazes me. 

I used to be so volatile, so self destructive! Now I am so peaceful and I am self building! 

I mean firstly my babies deserve me at my best, but I also deserve me at my best. 

It is so well with my soul, I know where I am…is where I should be! 

Whatever happens here on, has to a part of my legacy. I must make those choices that are positively good for me. But always remembering that all my faith and trust should be in GOD alone! 

I have been blossoming on all fronts, the fact is I am not a victim anymore, I am a true survivor! 

Sharing and hopefully empowering! ❤️


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