Respecting and Appreciating Teachers…

I must say, I have the upmost respect and adoration for our Teachers. 

I mean they do an amazing job…having my kids for half or most of the day? Seriously, I must commend and applaud and respect them. 

I make it a daily ritual, I love showing respect and care for my children’s teachers…more people should be like so. Not to expect that teachers are just ordinary! They are extra ordinary! 

A little hello, how are you? How was your day? How was my child? Goes a long long way! 

Nobody is perfect indeed! A little interaction is needed. I see sometimes hostile and angry parents….I ponder on why the hostility, but soon realise that it’s actually a personal issue.

Whatever the issue it’s simple! Teachers are mostly passionate about what they do! 

Teachers are also humans, having lives and even problems just like us all…

So let’s put aside our misery, let’s really nurture and raise our children by great examples… 

Appreciating their teachers gives my children valuable lessons…

In life you must learn to appreciate  others… It’s paramount to living a fulfilled life.

Teachers Rock! 


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