Mothers Day…finished already?

Mother’s Day is everyday! Depending on how you want to look it!

It’s only a few days since the 6th of March and it still feels like a celebration every day in my world. Motherhood is indeed a honour and a privilege! 

I was apprehensive about the day, I didn’t expect anything. My children are showing me love everyday and just one day didn’t finalise the true meaning of  “Mother”! 

Besides my angels are still small, but not for long as everyday, I see their growth and mine too.

 I am thinking about the future, God willing I see them grow…I won’t still expect flowers or chocolates from my babies to express their Love for me. Real love can’t be measured or tested. 

It’s a celebration everyday, as life can be daunting, it’s the simplicity that makes a day like Mother’s Day all worthwhile. 

Focusing on them, is what takes me to another level of growth. 

So everyday should be Mother’s Day, but most especially it should be about the children that one has, that makes one a Mother! 

So Happy Mother’s Day everyday to all you beautiful mummies, who celebrate everyday! 


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