Plateau youths Keeping close…family not only by blood! 

I attended an event yesterday, Saturday the 12th of March! My third helping! I enjoyed it as I did the first two. 

Rewind 20 years back,  and I still remember the entire anticipation that arrived before the monthly meetings that we attended with great love and enthusiasm by my father. 

My father was a true Nigerian man, a real man, a strong Tarok man and “passionate” was his middle name. 

After a while attending meetings weren’t as fun as they used to because all the “kids” were growing and our parents getting older and plenty of “politics”…

I suppose the youth of Plateau State Association became so displaced at that time! We all drifted away but still holding on…

I personally became more displaced from the meetings because for one I lost my dad, I didn’t really feel I could relate to any big aunties and uncles within the group so I just drifted away….

Until last year Spring, an Aunty suggested that I get back on board, meet the new growing “youths of Plateau State Association UK”

A meeting just for the youths was planned an organised last year and it was so amazing! And subsequently we have had 2 more events and one that included all our babies! 

I personally felt so happy to be in touch with fellow and like minded sisters and brothers at the meetings. I feel so happy that I am again in touch. I am able to be myself and this is an amazing avenue to do amazing things. 

It wasn’t just so much about the food, or drinks or laughter in abundance. It was more about coming together and getting to know each other. Sharing ideas and opinions. Building and embracing and growing…

Awww how proud my daddy would be that I finally realised I am truly his daughter! More proud that I am 100% real. 

So here’s to more events and only time will tell what the future holds. In the meantime we are sticking together.. Plateau State Youths Rock!!


2 thoughts on “Plateau youths Keeping close…family not only by blood! 

  1. Yes, Becky. We are complete when we do the things that bring us satisfaction and joy not forgetting that our conduct pays tribute to our parents.
    You were up and around with a commanding presence on Saturday plus the “chaw” you brought.
    Thumbs up to you.

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