Is it her Autism? Or is it her Behaviour?

As World Autism Awareness day approaches on 2nd April 2016) 

I am just thinking and writing out loud…in my world Autism awareness is every single day! 

We are personally doing or let’s say trying our best to spread awareness…everyday!

My daughter approaches 6 years old in a month, I look at her in amazement everyday. Her very strong character and mouth to boot! She knows what she wants and she is not going to back down…

Well to me, she has her work cut out! By now I know exactly when Autism kicks in and when Behaviour wants full control!

But like my princess knows, mama is the boss!

For example we went out today, I had a lot to buy because I am cooking for a lot of friends tomorrow…

Firstly she is autistic when she says…”I am not going” this is a phrase every time she has to go out…especially if she isn’t getting her own way…with the iPad! Daily with the school run…but now I have learnt to ignore so much…much more tolerance and patience!

But she just doesn’t like change, or let’s say it takes her much longer to accept or even adhere to change…I actually don’t blame her, I don’t mix with change that much either…

Then came this moment in our lives. Where I can actually understand her and deal with any given situation appropriately…without getting a migraine or having a right fit!

She is just not in control of me as she was when I began to know her…

As for behaviour, total and utter disregard! I am not “mama” anymore…”I hate you” wow those words would cut someone so unsure….

I know she loves me, hate is a word she has heard from someone at school and she holds on to it to get a reaction when she doesn’t win you over…she absorbs ALL information like a sponge and stores it…like an elephant…amazing memory!

Ok now this is behaviour, not Autism…and she knows this exactly!

Nip it in a bud, I say! The challenge is immense, not for the weak hearted! But I have all faith, it shall be done…She has come on bounds and more to climb over…

As autism is for life,

Not just for her childhood…

I would like her to reach her best and more…my motto :- #autismcantstopher

Behaviour can be a hinderance, tough love is essential…never ever make her feel like she is a burden…

Embrace her, in just the beautiful way that she is…her character, her being, her autism…not behaviour…

As for that, what you put in…you get out! 

Behaviour, breeds behaviour!!!


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