My Transparency…

Maybe I am just too damn transparent…

Oh no wait! It may seem so, just because I wear my heart on my sleeves…hmmm

But that I should not be mistaken, or even underestimated! 

I like to be as honest as I can be, being transparent is my motto…but what life has taught me is that…

Some people actually think you are weaker because you express yourself! 

Actually you are extremely strong, because you can show yourself…strength isn’t about hiding and holding back…

Strength is all about setting yourself free!

I am often misunderstood, I can be quite tolerant, maybe even have a good ole rant and rave along the way…

But once I am done, I am so done…I must have looked at all the angles and sides! 

As my age, experiences have brought me great wisdom…So has a discerning way of transparency… My own way! 


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