Autism Awareness Day 2016…

In honour of Sofia, today is a very significant day, so very important. 

It is all about sharing our stories, our beautiful autistic children with the world. 

Let’s focus on all the positives…this is how I see mine!

I am forever blessed with ALL my children!

There was a time however right from the beginning…when I didn’t even know what autism was and I just didn’t want to read or listen to anything…didn’t want to deal with it!

Life seemed so tough, 5 years almost 6 years now…I knew she was different to her twin right from the start! 

But I didn’t see her autism. I just put all her behaviours down to her speed..I would often say, she is just behind and she will catch up…

And has she caught up or what! Wow it is amazing how much catching up she has made. She is surely in her prime…

When she got diagnosed, life was quite daunting, difficult, depressing but I persevered because ALL my children deserved and still deserve my complete devotion, my entire LOVE! 

Sofia couldn’t tell me anything, she just expressed her needs differently… Then I started to listen to her alone! Not interested in what others had to say or what others had to do. 

It is my cross to carry I say! My child has her own mind and it is my ultimate job to learn and embrace and understand her language. 

Everything started to fall into place… I mean the girl can now talk for England! She has this infectious and beautiful confidence, and I am learning from her every single day still and I love it! 

She is extremely smart, her brain is definitely like a sponge!! She retains everything! She often would say “mama I remember everything” 

Wow what a brain to have! She doesn’t see or have time for in between the lines…her lines are straight and she expresses herself accordingly! She is completely allowed, to be so infectious. 

Life would be boring without the amazing being that Sofia is. Challenges to boot, but our motto here is to completely focus on the positives…as we do so, Sofia reaches her ultimate self. She is so great already…I see her amazingly touching this world and as her mother I will stand by her till the end. As her family we shall hold and live and love her exactly the way that she is! 




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