Mother, Mother, Mother…

Truly, A Mothers Love can do so much wonder. To a child(ren), for life itself to have a meaning, purpose…. A Mothers love must be consistent! It must be present physically and spiritually…

In an ideal and realistic world, most of the time…this is lacking! 

Some experiences are raw, as babies don’t come with a manual of course…So one must do with what they have and pray for the best! 

I see so many situations where the process of motherhood can be daunting and often not handled accordingly! It brings devastating results…every time 

But it doesn’t matter whether that “mother” has been bad, absent, self-centred, delusional….etc

Your Mother is still your Mother! You have only one Mother and if you ever get another chance, embrace her no matter what she has done. 

Learn to forgive, it sets you free! I speak from my own personal experience. My relationship with my mother has had its challenges…but I eventually addressed my issues first hand and time has definitely been our healer! I totally understand, appreciate and love my Mother like you wouldn’t believe if you knew my struggles…

Some people unfortunately, harbour pain and rejection that it ends up consuming their path in coming to peace. You can’t hold on to that pain, it becomes you…eats you up and you lose so much!

I don’t naturally begrudge any situation. I have always seen the best through the worst. Because I opened my heart (regardless of pain)…I am only here now, completely strong and devoted to my own journey with motherhood. 

It is because I set my soul free, I wouldn’t be as tuned to the joys of motherhood, if I didn’t have my experiences. 

It is so important to me that I am here now at this phase, my children are growing, all they know (I pray) is that I love them more than anything, so I show them how to be positive (regardless)…

Let my children be my reflection! Let my children feel my true, unconditional Love….by loving my own Mother no matter what! 

And in the end always, Love always sets you free! My sweet mothers Love at last, will linger until the end. 

Thank you Lord for all your wonderful miracles🙏🏾


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