Complete shift…good shift!

It’s been on my mind, the complete shift! Complete change in dynamics…Lately I have noticed and I ask myself….why have some people in my life, changed so much when goodness and mercy has been following me? Or is it that I have changed? 

I really won’t ponder on what is on someone else’s mind…because my mind, heart and soul feels free presently, I can but only pray and write out loud. Lol 

You truly realise who your friends are, when you are happy, when things are finally getting better for you. Who would stand by you and celebrate with you? Or who will stand far away from you and begrudge with no reason? 

Anyone that is truly close to me, knows that I am a woman who embraces and celebrates with you. 

Good or bad! I will be there, often positively supporting you. I rarely ask for help or rely on others… But that doesn’t mean I don’t need help! 

I keep so much to myself, because I have come to learn that not everyone wishes you the best like you wish them…

So I don’t need to express my disappointment as such, in my current maturing process…I can focus and channel my energies into what matters! 

I can but only pray for those hat have shifted, it isn’t their fault Lord. I pray that God will grant peace and love to you…so you too can embrace your self! 

To love unconditionally is truly to set ones soul free. 


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