Echolalia and Sofia…

“Echolalia” I remember when I learnt the term for her condition! She couldn’t speak at all. She would just mumble incoherently! Her twin would speak and I could understand, but with her, speech was very delayed….then suddenly she would just repeat everything she heard. Over and over and I would be overwhelmed! Anxious and astounded…feeling the need to always explain to strangers what she was doing! This was all part of our journey on understanding, accepting and loving Sofia exactly the way that she is. She is absolutely amazing. This beauty couldn’t even speak, now she has the most amazing speech! Her vocabulary amazingly rich….all that initial outburst was all part of her understanding, and she needed to vent and express herself in the only way she knew how to. Embracing and Acceptance, has pushed Sofia beyond. She knows exactly who she is and confident enough to be herself without any problems. She is simply allowed to have echolalia, embrace it and learn the language!

I say to you: if your child is expressing some traits of “echolalia” right now, don’t be discouraged or sad or negative…truly and wholly accept your child and you will see wonders. These amazing #autistic children are a gift to this hurting world. Let’s continue to accept and celebrate difference. Let’s not just conform to the way we think it should be! Let them have their voices heard. Have a say to because they matter! #autismawareness2016 


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