I make the rules now…

Been so naive in the past, especially with “people” I mean that’s probably why I don’t trust that easily anymore… 

I have certainly been naive, so naive that I see “wolf in sheep’s clothing”…

So I have been thinking (greatly in 2016) analysing and looking at my soul closely in the mirror and I know exactly what I see…and I love it. Not about to change it for anyone! Maybe a few adjustments but that will surely only be, for my satisfaction.

It’s April now, the year ain’t so fresh anymore, in fact time flies so fast in a minute we doing Christmas again. It’s all about self realisation and self growth for me…on a yearly basis, no matter the speed of time…

So back to my naivety and trust issues…well I am not that same “Becky” that girl that didn’t know herself once upon a time…

Becky today represents so much value and substance and the right people get to see and feel my undying true LOVE…

In this new era, I come across people, old and new and I see some uncomfortable and unexplainable actions and even gestures and I can only shake my head, but then I say this:-

I am the queen of my castle, indeed! I make the rules of who and what I want around me and my precious family..I want no one above or below me, I only want to be equal with every single “person” in my life…

Of course I come across the oddities…but I won’t be horrid or confrontational…but what I will be is completely 100% real Becky, at all times!!! 

And in my realness, you might get a sting because my words are never ever minced….too real to handle…true daughter of a true Lion.

I am finally at peace, because in my world I decide, I don’t follow sheep or conform to sheep..I will only lead, and leading successfully means following successfully! 

You don’t have anything physical or mental that I want. I will only positively uplift you, but that doesn’t mean I will do it to gain your acceptance or validation! 

I am already validated! Everything I do, I give it my all and as time passes me by so very quickly I preserve the energy for what is completely worth it!


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