A very hot minute! 

Hey everyone! 

It’s been a hot minute indeed. I am constantly shifting. I don’t know whether it is solely….a transition? Or that I am changing, growing even? What’s happening? Not pondering too much….just going with the bitter/sweet flow!!

Life still goes on. It may seem stagnant for longer periods of time, but that’s just in passing! 

Eventually everything will make sense, right now I can only put it down to LIFE! Everything taking place as it should be. 

I am passionate and interested in doing so much, but everything just seems to be on a hold! Not a hold from me, rather…the way things should be. 

I can’t think of myself as such, I can do the minimal but I can’t really reach out of the box….

Some might say, but why? Why can’t you jump out Rebecca?

Why? Because I have 3 growing souls to nurture first. Trust me it isn’t as easy as it looks…but I rather they have me all than just a pinch. 

A time and place for everything under the sun, moon and stars….that’s what I know!

Give them you completely and don’t worry Rebecca…I keep on repeat! 

Another 5 years will fly by so quickly! And then what? 

Not keep up with the joneses Rebecca, rather keep up with yourself! Word 👍🏾

So my love for writing is everlasting, time may not permit me as much as I would like…but I don’t begrudge time! 

Rather I patiently wait….when you are sure, then nothing can change that. Stay with time. Let time have control as nothing you can do. 

A hot minute, or even hour or let’s say years….once you have it, you have it!!!!


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