Please understand…..

I woke up with the importance of “substance” running around in my head! 

I had to address this with you! 

I am writing to you…do you understand the importance of having substance? For you to have, and to hold with humbleness? 

You can’t expect to be planning a life you never created! 

I am quite sad when I look around, I see more emptiness than substance! It is like you dwell in this delusion that the more you achieve materially, or the more you have materially, validates you?  Or that you are better than the other person?

The realest aspect of LIFE, is that we all have a destiny and we simply cannot predict anything! 

You should try and do the best for others less fortunate….that is substance! I am so sad to see you make all this money, and you don’t help anyone…

Not to delve in showing the world (that really doesn’t care) that you have no substance. You are merely in desperate times…

God is indeed the judge of us all, I don’t mean to offend you. I just can’t help saying it…I want a microphone…I want to speak the truth…🙏🏾


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