Nobody’s perfect! 

Are you going to stand there, looking at me all high and mighty? Exuding perfection? 

But wait….we have all heard the saying that “nobody’s perfect” right???? 

Personally, this is another one of my mottos for this life. 

I look at my soul and even my physical self and I say to me….you are not perfect! 

With all my flaws, my mistakes in life….that’s what makes me beautiful. Although I am not close to perfection. I don’t want to be perfect….

I just want to at least try and be good! Be myself and accept myself….My heart is purely so, I am human of course but far from perfection and that is my reality….

I would suggest living a life, not deluded by perfection! 

We as humans try so hard to fit in, forgetting that we don’t make the rules or call the shots. 

The road to perfection can never lead you to a perfect life…a rocky road may lead you a little closer, but don’t expect to figure it all out by your self! 

And then please get off your high horse for a moment….take a look around you…starting with you, then you realise that no one in this world is perfect! 


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