2016 made me….solidified me

(Wrote this in December 2016)

Wow just thinking that I  was so on it, I had a plan…an end goal even…but time hasn’t waited for me. Instead time has molded me solid…

Am I solid or I am just deluded? I beg to differ…but then I am sure its all a good thing…to be delusional but solid…

The year of reckoning, as i reflect back to 2015…I said it, this next year coming will be good because its been so rough so far!!!

2016 has been around  for the last 11 months and as it surely comes to closing time and in with the new, here I am. yet again reflecting, but this time I am solid…

I havent written much but my mind has been active, full of ideas but such little time I have right now…

Present day 15/01/2017 see what time does…doesn’t wait…but makes you solid!


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