Just thinking out loud…

You know I have come to realise and accept a few home truths…

The one I am on about right now is….dont ever let anyone make you feel bad because they do for you… let me elaborate!

You know when you meet like a new friend, or even an old friend who wants to just be there for you?

Well I  believe there are only a few genuine humans (like finding a needle in a haystack) that will do for you wholly without expecting anything in return…

Naturally I believe humans like to simply keep up with each other, nothing really wrong with keeping up except when it begins to consume you negatively….then its bad…personally I never ever keep up! 

Dont expect anything back when you give! Simple appreciation will do… And if someone makes you feel indebted to them because they gave you something…then appreciate but dont even accept.

I think its sad to give and expect back with the same hand. And especially when you had a friend you gave to and now you are not happy anymore you make that friend feel indebted to you jist because…

In life everything has its time! Go figure 


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