Be an Inspiration…

Been on my mind this particular subject: Inspiration!!!

Once upon a time, I have to admit…I didn’t see much of it especially from my own self. I just dealt with situations the best way I knew…

Back then, I could have never defined my process as strength or even to be an inspiration to another…

Today I am grown and what I see is completely different to previous…

Because I am human amd flawed, I have worn my heart on my sleeve, allowing a few to see it as inspirational strength and alot more as weakness…

But I still stand here and where I stand feels amazing, simply because the ones that need some kind of encouragement, support, inspiration, can also turn to me like I can to them. Being human and flawed is what inspires me the most. 

Because the people that have the biggest smile have the biggest pain! Be inspired 😆


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