I think I just don’t get people and the way relationships go generally…

I am really just on about any type of relationship, but let me just at least write about the particular type that I am on about….

I am talking about “friends” I have over the years come across some very deluded people. People that play a game always, making their actions justified just because they do something for you. 

I personally don’t play games, I cannot stand games. Why play games with people that you care about? What are you trying to achieve? 

I prefer to keep it all real. If I don’t want to be around something not good for me then I wouldn’t waste my energy…I don’t see much change as the older I get it seems more clearer to me. 

I don’t have wasted energy any longer to be honest…am all for putting my feelings and emotions first. I can’t keep going around, still trying to come across that human that will be as real as me. A true friend, or maybe I have too much expectations? 


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