Autism and Lessons…

You learn something new every single day. I learnt a very hard truth today!

Seriously, you have to be very careful whom you have around your ‘high functioning’ autistic daughter…

Well for my daughter I learnt today, I must be extra careful! I mean she is a real sponge…she absorbs and mimics the behaviours of others (especially adults).

This can be very bad, especially when the adult is behaving very badly….my daughter can’t help herself…she doesn’t seem to understand the power of words and her behaviour just yet…so she is getting influenced by what she is hearing and seeing…

So what do I do? I believe the first and best cause of action is that I put her first as always…I can’t allow any negativity around her in whatever way! I know in life we all make mistakes and besides its a learning curve…I am happy to learn!

But without a manual, I can still write my own book…my own words.

So today’s lesson will linger for a lifetime! Her voice speaks much louder…


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