Long choices…helpless choices 

My favourite word of advice for loved ones (especially yeaterday)… ‘choices’

You have a choice…if the shoe doesnt fit…then leave it be, try a bigger size if you can…otherwise walk away, maybe it’s not for you!

Unfortunate situations, you feel sad by another’s action, you feel oberwhelmed by it all…you have a choice right?  Walk away…don’t fret

I had a very hard day yesterday…with Sofia completely melting down again at school…this is a reoccurring pattern…you need to make the good choices, I say to her…you want power but you can’t at 6 years old…you have to also realise you pay for your actions…
Yes she is 6 but she understands what’s right, and what’s wrong…and I am a realist (maybe a tad too much)…

But I rather be real than fake especially with those that I love…and for all humans it’s all about our choices…

And for the times that you don’t know, follow your heart and do what is best! 


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