My new fictional  (doesn’t  exist) personal daily living website…lol….Yes! I am currently operating using this stance. I have only a limited amount of energy, tolerance or entertainment for trivial situations…

Simply because she absorbs my entire being…but so it should be, because after all I am her mama! I am all she’s got…to guide and nurture her, with unconditional LOVE….Strength, even patience (limited to her).

As this week passes, we had a bad Monday, then Tuesday and Wednesday went exceptionally well…because I had sanctions in place…but by today Thursday…all hell broke loose again!

So I find myself speechless, full of words but nothing new comes out…I am completely drained but I am not giving up. I will do this to the end,  by listening and learning from her…I am able to then teach her (fingers crossed)…

So my energy feels channelled currently, I hope I am not hurting or offending anyone…its just I cant stay on the phone for hours telling you how awful my day has been because I am overwhlemed by the unknown…I can’t really socialise as I am physically and especially mentally drained…

Indeed my energy is limited, but not personal or limited to you specifically…in a nutshell…I am staying limited as only one of me, has to give alot of me to many…

My LOVE runs deep and to sustain I must often retreat to 😪


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