Process first…

At first you must process before you can then proceed. That’s it!!!!

This is the way it has to be I say to myself. Process it first, just don’t  jump in head first with no dissection. At least give it a thought and a few more over, before you proceed, I say! Onto myself…

Once there was a time, when emotions and head dived in, full on. No halt, no respite. Just complete mayhem..but to now ponder and reflect on once upon a time….hmmmm…How friggin ironic!!

Nowadays I find its completely wasted to proceed without my processing time. It could take a day, a week, month(s), years or even never….but at least I have had the time…of course not in all life occasions, can one process…but when the opportunity arises….take the time to at least understand a bit more. 

No point in completely losing the plot. What if I am completely wrong? What if it’s just the way I perceived it? What if the intentions were never laid bare? Noooo I say to myself, please….STOP

Take a long deep breath, take a few more if your heart still hasn’t slowed down…then “mental talk”….PROCESS 

Then maybe you can….PROCEED 😆



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