Teaching LOVE with Valentine’s Day…

Today I had a lovely time at my son’s school. His class put on a show. A Valentine’s story….oh my, it was so beautiful…a few tears

The children in year 3 are amazingly funny and witty…I and all thepatents there, really enjoyed the show…

It was full of humour and of course LOVE. I strongly believe my son has the best teacher in his year 3 experience. It is so lovely to see a teacher so passionate and dedicated to his class. My son is thriving because of all the goodness his teacher brings.

For all the input and dedication I am forever grateful. My son enjoys going to school, and that makes me very happy. 

He wanted me to be there at his assembly so much, he has been rehearsing and all excited about LOVE. 

To have and teach LOVE, feels amazing to be able to have and learn LOVE, feels even more amazing…

So love is in the air as Valentine’s Day approaches, but just as we are reminded by the simplest of situations we draw back to appreciating that LOVE is everyday…


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