Different day, same cycle?

In life when you continue to see things from a certain angle, you will continue to go round in the same cycle…over and over again…

Well I am truly and officially tired of my self destructive ways…I mean I seriously see the errors of my ways…I can’t carry on accepting with my heart…my head must rule first…

Too much going on positively for me, so why allow any negativity. It is important to go through the hardest and come out even stronger…I wouldn’t be this strong if I faced no hardship!

I am a lioness, I am made of strong stuff so strong that butter would melt…lol

It can be so difficult life but when it throws you lemons, make some sweet lemonade (as they say)…

So rest assured, my lemons are taking me beyond my wildest. I am completely in line so much that I see what must change and so the cycle changes too…


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