What took you so long???

Well well…truth be told it all depends on the journey, the purpose! 

It has taken so long but not to dwell on the past or how long it took to get here…It just took the amount of time required as GOD intended…I strongly believe!

It has been a journey indeed, I have learnt you can either, learn or never learn. Change or never change…Openess has been the key to opening my door…

I can be so open, often I even shock myself…however I always feel free when I become more open and honest.

Honesty helps me, especially when I am being blunt about my own self! I put my hand up and stand accounted as I know I am only human and to live fully is now my ultimate purpose…

It doesn’t actually matter how long it has taken, what matters is that I totally get the message. 

For the length of time that has passed, and from all my self destructive ways…here I am and the world didn’t even see me coming…but here I am with all the time it has taken…

Here is to what is supposed to be, continue to enlighten me…my whole body, soul and mind in unison with what should be! 

#dowhatyoulovewithpassion always and forever❤❤❤❤❤❤


2 thoughts on “What took you so long???

  1. You’re so right! That is why I find this blog so inspiring, just the beautiful, raw honesty. Like you said it’s about understanding the message and as long as you keep walking the path of personal truth the journey is worth every step. Thank you for writing this 😊

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