Single and a mother…what comes next?

You find your self all alone, starting all over again…but this time you have a child! 

How do you process? and how do you proceed? No self help book can help you with this one!

You never imagined a marriage failing, in fact you never weighed any other options…you never saw your future! 

In your world, the man came…the knot got tied and a baby delivered…but you could have never predicted, that you will be left with the baggage….all for you to carry? All alone! 

You find yourself single and a mother…no manual, no help! Going to go mad by now? Or will this experience only make you stronger? 

All the answers you may require, comes from you! No one can help you with this one…

The strength and motivation you need, all derives from your very being…always remember that indeed, the dynamics have changed….

But what you must try to do next….is to be better than you ever were…and more than before, as now you have a baby in tow! 

“Single mother, teach your son how to be strong! Teach your daughter how to love herself! You reap what you sow” Becky Bincan 


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