What we sacrifice for our children…

Being a mother, isn’t all about taking cute pictures and showing it all off on social media with cute words to accompany….I would say the job, is alot more complicated! Many sacrifices…

What have you sacrificed for your child (ren)? It is alot more complicated, right?

From a personal point of view and of course my experiences as woman, black in fact….African in fact…living in London (where I wasn’t born)….it’s alot more complicated being a mother  on her own…

However from a less complicated angle, I am grateful that growing up I had not a good role model, I didn’t feel complete…because today, all that pain made me who I am and indeed my children changed all that!

Just because I didn’t come from a perfect family, doesn’t mean I can not try my absolute best to give my own children close enough to perfect…nothing is perfect right? 

Sacrificing my entire life, devoted to caring for them. Putting my own self at the back, doesn’t mean I am not human…just that I want my children to have my entire Love. May God continue to guide me, strengthen me and give me patience in abundance! Amen.


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