Don’t forget you are human…

When you are high up there, you don’t forget you are human….you have finally made it! Status, money, all you have dreamt of has come to pass…you don’t have those worries any longer…so ot seems!

You have the ultimate status, but once upon a time you too struggled…but now you forget…

But suddenly you have it all…don’t forget you are still human. When you come across others, especially those that remind you of where you once were…don’t forget you are still human…please! 

You could be reminded again…that you are only human…

You should still elevate others, still appreciate the little people (as you now see them). The status you now have, with your power so plentiful…however remember that nothing lasts forever!

Treat others like they are human, just like you. 

Peace and Love, Humans 🕊


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