For what I do for you, I also do for myself!

An inspiring few weeks for me personally, complete emancipation of my very being…

As a growing woman, I exude what I must at this present time.

Always been a woman’s woman. To love and to encourage you is what I always want to do.

I don’t function on negativity, my stance is to potray love and devotion to you. As my sister, my friend…my stranger. Even more so when I don’t actually know you.

I just want to be there for you, to love you, to encourage you, to set you up…because whatever I am giving to you, I am ultimately giving myself.

I don’t compete with you, I don’t envy you or ever wish bad for you. I just want you to grow and be as happy as intended. 

Your joy is my joy, hold your head right up high and see that you are beautiful and capable of living your own purpose. 

Finding you, helps me to find me too. As for trying times, don’t fret on the miniscule things…focus on elevating each other. In time you will see that this is the true definition of your own soul! 

Let Love be the winner in all that you see, in all that you do and go through. Amen🕊


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