Say “STOP” to Domestic Violence…

It is not ok, completely wrong and unacceptable for a man or anyone to abuse another…physically or mentally!

This is a serious issue, it is so hidden that it affects more women than you can imagine. It eats through a woman and rips her into shreds…completely destroying her core…no matter how strong she thought she was…

Weak and cowardice men are the ones that abuse…they are in the world for all to see, like butter wouldn’t melt! Smh 

Bad in every way… The more you slap her and belittle her, the more she loses herself…for the sake of her children, her marriage, her family…she thinks that staying with you is the right thing to do…

You don’t have an inch of remorse, maybe after you realise you have slapped and punched her, she looks so bad….you apologise!

Listen there is absolutely no excuse…you need serious help! For you to slap her and punch her in the first place…that should show you that your problem is so deep…and have you ever come across a man admitting he is an abuser? I haven’t! Usually it’s only when he gets exposed…still he makes excuses…but your time eventually runs out…

Often in alot of cases, God becomes the center as your abuser makes excuses for his disgusting behaviours…he manipulates you and blames you for his actions…you are broken and lost but yet you see no escape…

Well God has nothing to do with it! How can God be accepting his creation and love to be destroyed by another human?….

This is something completely unacceptable and more needs to be done…I am an advocate for this and I just woke up and realised my topic for a while…I still want to encourage and support women who are victims of domestic violence especially…

To be continued….šŸ•Š


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