Social Media and it’s army of ignorance…

I have noticed, been a while but I notice even more now!

I am not one for the news and all that, however though I do my little bit on social media (instagram and wordpress)…and I stir well away from involving my soul in negativity…absorbing it so much that it eats at me without notice…

Can’t help but to notice though, that of course all the news is on display by so many unkowing followers…it is so sad to see intelligent people, stooping so low…not every news warrants a comment or even an opinion…

A new breed of complete and utter ignorance! I simply don’t want any part in it…so I stir well away, but can’t help but to notice…

Life’s too short to waste on rubbish! We are presently in a time where, we have too much information to absorb. We get so complacent, looking deep within isn’t a fair option! 

The bandwagon got so full that looking from the outside, I can see an explosion of every opinion…there seems to be no respect…

No respect for difference, intolerance is rife that it kills the very core of humans…

Don’t get on it, just don’t do it…look inside you first, get to know yourself and what you bring to the table. Don’t replace love for peole with complete and utter ignorance!!! 


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