Oh but he loves me…

What is the definition of love? Well love has many different meanings for many different people!

You cannot possibly put love in one place and say that’s it! Right?

When you are so dysfunctional and absorbed in your own meaning of love, you can become lost in what you call love…

Love has many limits and can have no boundaries…look at love from a domestically violent relationship!

When he can easily put you down and hold you down….How can that be love? He can’t even give you a real definition of himself other than what he knows…

For some men, it is just the way to be. It is deep rooted…he had no idea that the love he grew up around, was just one meaning for him and many like him…

He doesn’t even realise that what he is doing is wrong, in his eyes it is the only way he knows…how can he ever see that he is the one with the problem? After all, you are the problem…

Indeed what has love got to do with it? He is so apologetic afterwards, he said it’s because you made him angry…he lost his temper…well he should control his temper…but he doesn’t know how to! 

It’s because he loves you so much, that is his reason for his anger…it is all your fault! 

But of course it isn’t your fault…it is his actions that define your love…you love him so much that you accept even the greatest flaw…might be the fact that your love has it’s own meaning too…

But oh, he loves me…But oh! Do you love yourself more? Or do you feel loving him unconditionally defines your love? 


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