Everybody is on it…

Yep! It seems so many people are now #motivational speakers, #relationship experts, #life coaches oh my…..the list seems endless…

So many well equipped and well informed advisers…well the reality doesn’t reflect the truth of the matter….

In reality and in my opinion, it’s like too many chefs in the kitchen spoil the broth quite frankly…

How can you give advice to someone when you have no idea of what it feels like to be in that moment?

Oh but its so easy it seems nowadays that so many sheep and not enough wolves…

Everyone be quoting this and that and no substance from within…the whole idea is to take something away, that might help you…

Personally I started spouting from a very young age and this was my escape (writing) my world was dysfunctional without my notice…

As I grow, I still spout but I am merely coming from my own individual experiences…I am not copying or pasting anyones life…I am not trying to be a guru…Rebecca expressing her mind is just that…not intended to cause you harm!

It is not about how many followers or likes I get… it is simply my way out….writing and sharing and just staying in my very lane…

So a word of advice:- be careful how you copy and paste! Don’t get so deluded that you don’t see your own reality…find who you are and the rest follows! 🕊

Everyone has their own special and unique talent! 


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