Mother on reflection…

Where do I start? It’s been another Mother’s Day….mine started and ended as usual, however I got a lovely surprise…breakfast in bed and 3 homemade cards….(priceless)…I still had a wonderful day as usual, just doing all the chores that make this little world of mine, go round… 

I cherish my beautiful and amazing children every single day…no matter how hard it gets single handedly…no matter how hard it can be (I shall never give in)…

I am more determined than ever as they are getting what I never had…

Your Mother is your mother, right? Well I may not be ready to write about my pain…but I choose to be a survivor and not a victim…especially when I was blessed with motherhood!

These beautiful souls deserve all the love and devotion I have, no matter what! I said, no matter the adversities…this is my motivation!

Can’t make excuses, because if you really felt and still feel the pain….you wouldn’t even wish it for anyone else…right Rebecca?

I have reflected, most especially for 8 years now…everytime, I end up with that same feeling…

The feeling that can never be understood, except if experienced… And until I am ready to write it out loud…then so it shall remain…deep inside, twisting me always! 

I shall use the best of myself and my energy to preserve their beautiful little souls…this is my revenge, for that pain must enventually disperse from me…

All that remains is thanking God, each and everyday for giving me another chance…a chance to see and grab life as it should be!

Complete and utter devotion to my gifts of all gifts on this fractured earth💐❤🕊


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