Always keep it moving…

No matter how many times I fall…I will pick myself up, and keep moving…

To even imagine the pain…unbearable pain, embedded within my soul, deeply sanctioned…but I keep it moving…

I have always been a survivor and never a victim…I am still keeping it, on the move…appreciating all the lessons!

6 years ago, 9 years ago, 12 years ago…you couldn’t have ever told me I will still be on the move…in 2017!

The joy now is that the move is realised, the move is determined, the move is beautiful, the move has purpose, the move has unconditional love….and the irony was that, the move was always fighting for release…

Present Day…the move is beautiful, the move is elevating and the move allows complete contentment🕊🕊🕊


3 thoughts on “Always keep it moving…

  1. hey, i really like your posts!, your are cool!. I would appreciate if you would kindly visit me at princess writer’s planet not beauty of our planet. Its my sister’s, mine is princess writer’s planet. it would be great really because you are great!

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    1. Oh wow this is so sweet and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your kind words. I will definitely check both you qnd your sister’s blogs and because you are great too. 😆


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