When the time comes…

There is nothing you can do about “timing”…

By now, I am a firm believer in “there is time for everything under the sun, moon and stars”…

Every season in our lives, comes and goes as it is supposed to….it is how we deal with the season that truly matters.

I am reflecting everyday, looking at my very own self in the mirror and seeing all my shades…

I stood up for myself in the most unbelievable way on Monday, I mean even to my own self this was a revelation! Completely shocking!

Not in the normal way that I would stand up for myself. In the past it would have been wholeheartedly, with emotions all over the place… But this time it was more realistically…with my head and then my heart was at peace!

I see a pattern, my strength growing in abundance. I am actually happier, because I deserve to be just that….happy, with myself and in my very own skin…

It is a great feeling…I don’t have to be complacent, I have to put my beautiful soul first. I must indeed find solace in my growing strength, letting my beauty shine through without any painful effort…

My time is here, time for me to be exactly who God intended. Time and place for my life🕊


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