My time will come…

Yesterday whilst reading my daily devotion, I came across this amazing teaching:  “FOCUS ON WHAT REALLY MATTERS”! 

Indeed this is the whole point…blessed and content with all that I have and that is what truly matters…

I believe that the time for me to evolve further with my writing will come. I am passionate about expressing myself…and learnt lately come 2017, that my very own self needed polishing!

I am working with myself, ensuring that I am focused. Because this journey was never planned…but my focus was displaced…until I became a mother!

Oh yes, this was my calling. I never envisioned my life now, I had other ideas…so I strongly believe that there is time for everything under the sun, moon and stars…for as long as God keeps me. 

Patience and perseverance…from the depths of my heart comes this message…. Rebecca, focus on your blessings…don’t fret about all the gifts you have. Use your talents to nurture yourself, let your children learn from you…

Stay awake and stay true!…because time is of the essence. 


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