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God in you, Love in you!

18:11:2015 We are all talking about world peace, what’s happening in the world now?? In my opinion it’s coming to the end! Man cannot possibly think that he has all the answers.., I mean there is GOD!I strongly believe that it doesn’t really matter how you believe or worship! God is love, ultimate unconditional love! I was just speaking with a lady today, and she gave me goose bumps. I complemented her about her beautiful Rosary chain, it had hearts on it (I love anything heart shaped). She asked if I was on Facebook? She told me that she had started a page about the recent events around the world. She said “I started the United flag movement”. I am not actually on Facebook I replied, but I love your concept. We had so much in common, in regards to religion and how it really should come and live in all our hearts. This makes me think deeply, It doesn’t matter where you are from or what religion you are…God is love and God is one. You should live like so, love all and judge none! God is in you, so you should be a reflection of his true unconditional love. God is not of hate, or anger, or resentment, or revenge. When you are close to God, you truly understand what it means and the truth of it all resides and explodes from your heart! Your very being…God in you!