One of those beautiful Saturdays….where you are truly inspired…to WRITE!

Good morning on a Saturday I rarely ever get the time….but this very Saturday, I have! 11.07.2020
I saw a friend’s post (My dear Saimir) on Facebook just now….and I totally related to what he said….about the envy of those that are strong!
Truly instead of looking at your own life, fixing your own shit….you are busy killing yourself over someone else’s!
I was compelled to write this, I have time today!
So many people have showed their true self, through “social media” believe this shit!
Some people are so consumed by what they see on others via social media that they are either on a mission to meet up or simply lost to it all….serious personal relationships are based on wtf you do on social media….really? Who cares? If you are truly living then you wouldn’t even be secretly browsing….you are either imitating or you are not saying anything at all….but you are  looking!
Ask you self are you a lover or a hater?
Isn’t it better to not be involved at all if you are not participating?
What do you think your loves and likes do to people? Some people truly don’t care….so they love and like your shit on social media….who cares!
Seriously look at your own strength, if you have any?
If my shit looks better than yours, don’t get vexed….remember you and I “are not the same”
All this shit is psychological!
I will either love you, or hate you….and if I don’t like you I will hardly ever pretend that I do….I rather you not be on social media and off! But I still like your shit, because you are foolish….
You are damaging your self more by always watching what others do and so weak and scared to even be your own damn self! So so weak…
Please self control is so important so that very note….I will forever relish in my strength as I know where mine came from, I dealt with my own shit!
I will definitely leave all the weak ones behind, especially those that are hateful….and trust me I know all the fakers that pretend…but I still just laugh as I know that you just don’t know whom you are, that is why you are so hateful! Come, let’s see you stand up and be counted! NOT
#idratherbestrong #strengthfrompain #lifelessons #realitycheck #facts

Limited Respect!

Honestly I have little patience and zero respect for women who marry, or get with a man, and come between him and his family!

What kind of a woman gets joy from coming between a man and his father, mother, sister or brother?….

The fact is before that woman came along, there was his family, before all that must be respected and acknowledged!

Yes you are married to him, so what? He should now cut ties because you are now his mother, sister, brother? Totally absurd!

This is totally unacceptable for me, I believe in family so much that good or bad…blood is always thicker than water!

It has to come down to the way that a woman sees family, how she lives family and loves family….a big time insecurityon her part!

You just can’t have and want so much power, that you derive pleasure from coming between those that were there way before you!

Family over everything, everytime! Family means more than you can imagine….you simply can’t break a bond, no matter how much you try!

So it is very important to check whom you are, when you have a problem with your man’s family and you just see this as normal!

Respect for his or her family is so important, you should be a bond if there is a break, rather than causing more of a break!

#familymatters #familyovereverything #family #truelove #respect #acceptance #lovelovelove


Has time trapped us…?

Or is it just this global pandemic?

Things have certainly changed…

The mind, body and soul….redirected…

For many it is a total adjustment, to complete life…

For some it is a trap, a mental anguish…unexplainable

How do I get out? What is to come? Totally unpredictable….

Truly you just don’t know….but you are completely trapped and you must accept this!

It could be worse!

#lifelessons #covid19 #trapped #mentalhealth #escape #life #alteredexistence #lifehaschanged

Practise what you….POST!!

It seems during this time….so many have been self reflecting, whilst isolating…

So much has changed in such a small space of time…(feels like years)…

The most I have noticed is the accountability for the lives that people truly live…

The most important question thus far, is what are you practicing?

Are you practicing for yourself or for the glorification?

Indeed you must practice what you post!!!

#lifelessons #wisdom #lifechanges #realitycheck #lifecheck #trueliving #honesty #lifelifelife

Truly reflecting…

Oh how I cherish these days…the days of lockdown and isolation!

During this crazy but beautiful time…my mind is at ease. I am fully content….my joy comes each day, even with tiredness in tow…I just dont care but to be happy!

I cherish and appreciate every given day….I am happy to live this life, just as it is….and I truly am!

I have so many ideas, so many goals….but my ambition remains with my family!

I am in love with the mental strength I have acquired, over time my physical strength isn’t as important!

As my heart beats with joy and contentment, I can only carry on as I am…and this is truly beautiful!

My heart tells me to carry on as so, not to fret about anything or anyone! And this is exactly what I am doing, I am not worried about anyone!

I don’t feel hungry for any attention or to be socially equipped….lockdown has been my making! I am happy with the little that I have, because that is so much!

I am strong indeed, strong to be exactly the woman that GOD made me to be….I don’t care for who is and who isn’t….all I care about is my sanity!

For if I am sane, then the best of me shines with all that matters, and I will do this every single day…over and over again until my last breadth!

Indeed in life, there is time for everything…absolutely everyone and everything has it’s time…no matter what you do, time tells you everything!

And mine is now, so as I bask in the wisdom and the love and joy that I truly have….I am full with contentment! I am full with gratefulness! I am full with love, joy and life!

#lifelessons #wisdom #strength #contentment #loveyourlife #appreciatethosethatmatter #happiness #joy #lovelovelove

The true lessons you teach your children….”Fathers Day”…

So father’s day was yesterday right? 20.06.2020 or is it today, and tomorrow and the rest of eternity?

What does it actually mean? Is it just on one day? One day in a year, that we outwardly celebrate all these amazing ‘fathers’…

Let me enlighten you…

It takes a whole lifetime, just as it is being a mother…the message should be loud and clear! It takes more than a day to suffice!

A father’s job is everyday, the love and joy and even devotion that he gives…the message is clearly seen only by the children!

We don’t make a fuss over one day, because the remaining 364 days….and our lifetime that is, takes alot more than a card and a present!

What do you truly teach your children, that we appreciate dad on the 20th or that we do this everyday! Father and Mother…you have no choice…but to be just that and more…

For us the true appreciation, comes from the growth and life you have….your success in every part of life is the unpriced gift! Money can’t buy the ultimate joy and satisfaction as a parent, to see…

Your children grow and become beautiful humans, the ones that are well grounded, those that can truly live this life happy! Staying true to the truth and not living life as if it is a fairytale….which often doesn’t have beautiful endings!

So the emphasis and the fuss over father’s day or even mother’s day isn’t necessary when you are already living and grateful for each given day, that you are a parent…

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My home buisness…My #yonique adventure!!

So I have finally taken the plunge…

Nerves are in all forms…

I am selling makeup 💄 shocking 😐…

Staying positive…As this is all in my own pace and time…

Wish me luck, with the nerves especially….

I am not giving up though, going for it!

Check out my website….⬇️⬇️⬇️

#youniquepresenter #youniquemakeup #homebusiness #newadventure

Early 🌄 Mornings….

This is the best time for me…

Best time to write and express, all that swirls inside my head…

I may be tired, haven’t slept much (with a little baby)…but I love early mornings…

Because I feel free inside my head, I feel I express it clearly now…i can write something real!

In a few hours, the day has finished….so early mornings at it’s best for me!

So I take advantage of the clarity I find in the morning! I can now face the next stop, the next task…

The day continues and I am swirling within my thoughts, it seems no time to stop and write…but then come my mornings again, and I find solace and then at my best!

#earlymornings #clarity #clearhead #timetowrite #timetoexpress #strength #hope #lifelessons 🤎🤎🤎

Coping with #lockdown2020 and #Autism…💙💙💙💙💙

The mental anguish, are both physically, and emotionally draining I tell you!

Where do I begin?….today was actually the worst day during the past 99 days…actually the 2nd or 3rd or 4th…and then I just totally give up I tell you!

The sacrifices you have to make, with your entire being to be a good mother, to all and one…WOW that is the real challenge!

The love and understanding, that must remain constant. Even when you feel like bashing your head against a brick wall!

It hasn’t been easy, I tell you. It has certainly been a lesson, and still the journey continues…

You cannot give up, you must persevere, as this is the best option!

There was never a help tool or even a book, to help and guide you….it is all down to you! And the understanding of whom your child is!

How do you process and deal with the challenges? This is the real question! You just don’t have a crystal ball to tell you what’s to come…

I know that I am surely not alone, this is the reality of it all, for so many! I must look on the new day, as a new beginning…..even if I am still drained from yesterday!

To those sacrificing and focusing on the love, and not the condition, this is truly the test. Coping with an autistic child during this pandemic is where you see your strengths!

#copingwithautismduringlockdown #autismisreal #autism #coping #strength #love #hope #sacrifice #lifelessons #nevergiveup #autismlove 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

Have you asked what happened…to #covid19 #BLMprotests…#virusincreased?

07…June….2020 7:48am

I am waking up and thinking….have you thought about the fact that I have watched the news, watched videos and read articles and reports on the internet…and I am totally in the dark?
I am baffled, confused and to be frank….quite ready for a total shift in life!!!

Is this happening already? What is truly going on? I can surely say I don’t know…
What happened to covid19??? I see daily figures, the rise but then I see massive crowds…what is really going on?

We were told to stay at home to save lives, all the sacrifices we have made to be “safe”. So many of us are still in isolation, not because we are sick but because we have been told to and we are adhering to it.

What do you believe now? How will this all pan out?
Yes there is a good reason for the protests, it is so important and crucial for many, but then there are risks…right?

There is a global pandemic, a health crisis and now it seems we are on another global pandemic…but for how long? How much of this “matter” be dealt with? Will racism suddenly disappear?

The fact is there are, so many other “issues” that should be addressed when it comes to “lives” and the real question is, how will all this be addressed?
So many questions and answers I see, that are not anywhere near any solutions.

And my main question and concern is…whatever happened to “corona virus”? We were told to isolate and today, so many are willing to take the risk and take a stand against injustice. Regardless of the health crisis….

I am truly baffled and I don’t have any hope on receiving the true answers! What will come next? If all our lives truly matter, why are so many not bothered about life itself! If this “coronavirus” is a killer….most of us will be dead by now, but it seems like something is fishy about all that is going on!

The media in every way, feeds us all so much information and for the best of us, we believe what we read and watch!

The question I think we should all be truly asking, is what is going on in the world right now? Only time will tell….in the mean time I am a black woman and my life matters, but I am also a mother and I wouldn’t want anything bad to happen to me…because my children will have no mother!

I am fighting a real fight here, making sure we are all safe and healthy and staying at home! It is quite scary out there. #covid19 #staygrounded #lockdown2020 #besensible #bewise #lovenotwar #stayathome #staysafe #pandemic #conspiracy #questiontime