Family….what does it mean?

Mean and mean some families….the way in which they treat each other!

I ask, what is the silly point of it then? What’s the benefit of hating on family, or even just about anyone! It hurts you more when you hate someone!

For me, my family is everything…..through the good and the bad, where none of us are perfect!

My family comprises of :-


Unconditional Love

Complete devotion



Love love love

I encourage and love my children so they can go out there and show that to each other first, and then the world!

My family over everything!


Nothing wrong with woman…

Being a woman is truly a special thing….I have been meaning to put this together and I finally found that mojo!

You see I really believe that nowadays women are not so supportive and loving of each other….especially when it seems that she is doing better than you in whatever way! What happened to sisterhood? Women are busy either hanging out with those that look and behave like them, or even patronising those that they think don’t meet their standards….

What happened to humility? Yes there are so many successful and inspiring women. I mean social media has created all these strong women….but I believe the greatest success is within yourself! Lots more women seem to be thriving and competing with each other, what happened to sisterhood? Women used to be so deprived right? Why haven’t men evolved as so? Is it because so many women are indeed deluded? Maybe the man/men around you make you feel less because you are a woman, so you have to compete?

What happened to the woman who hasn’t got all that confidence? What happened to the women who are holding it down without expecting a reward? What happened to that woman, who knows what her purpose is? Some women are happy just to be that. Not ashamed to be someone’s wife, someone’s mother….what is wrong with a woman who only aspires for her family? What is wrong with a woman in 2018 who doesn’t care about her hair, her makeup, her weight, her social life, her self…..she only lives for her family and as long as they are good she is good? I mean women are so everywhere looking and acting the same and in the meantime striving to be better than the other….but forgetting that life is so short and limited…you take nothing away from this world with you when you leave…what do you want to leave behind?

God, whatever God you believe….am sure didn’t make you to forget that you are the special one….as for me I want my children to see me as their superwoman and not someone who has to trample on others to provide simple love…my children wouldn’t care how rich I get, just the fact that I was there for them unconditionally!

Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty

What is loyalty to you?

Is it something you can measure?

The quality or quantity of loyalty?

For me loyalty is something that can be measured, the quality and the quantity of it…complete loyalty!

I will give you my loyalty, completely and I am expecting the same back…

But I have discovered over time, that what you give isn’t necessarily what you get back…yes you shouldn’t expect to get back what you give or do, but when it is loyalty, I surely expect to receive the same.

Maybe I am asking too much, or maybe I am not. I surely will be expecting that from you too.